Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Tea Party Doublethinkers

Doublethink is the ability to hold two contradictory thoughts simultaneously. The credo of the Tea Party is lower taxes and smaller government. By shrinking the structure that was designed to protect them they are committing economic suicide. The business community has been successful in duping quite a large number of people into thinking that government is the problem, but it certainly hasn’t been a problem for business. They have been successful in turning the people against the government,  while at the same time lobbying to capture the government for themselves.

Business promotes expenditures and taxation for the military industrial complex and for bailing out banks while condemning them for any purpose benefitting people. It has successfully perpetuated an inefficient private health care system that rations health care by ability to pay rather than by need for care.  And, it is trying hard to destroy Social Security and Medicare. Yet, it has been able to convince the Tea Party that the solution is to further reduce taxes and limit the government’s power to protect the people.

What is needed is to bring government back to its original mission of promoting the general welfare, and not that of business and banking. There is a reason that taxes on the highest incomes were high and regulations were strong during the most prosperous period in the country’s history. Over the last several decades regulations have been decimated and taxes on high incomes and capital have been reduced dramatically, to the point where we are again experiencing an age of robber barons while aggregate demand atrophies and wages stagnate. Unless the people in organizations like the Tea Party realize they are working against their own interests, there is little hope of correcting the problem.

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