Sunday, April 20, 2014

Are Americans losing control of their country?

After watching a president I voted for twice, I have to conclude that Obama is the Democrat's version of George W. Bush. Both are weak presidents who don't have the experience or temperament for the job. Both have knuckled under to entrenched Washington interests that have been around through several administrations, Bush to Cheney and his neocon crowd who are bent on the US dominating the world, and Obama, first to the Wall Street and corporate oligarchs determined to increase their stranglehold on the control of the economy, and now to the same neocons supported by the guy he defeated to become president, John McCain.

Not much has changed and there is not much hope that it will.

The US still opts for military might as a foreign policy cudgel to throw its weight around in the world and domestic surveillance and militarizing of the police to ensure that any attempt by the populace to counter its moves is kept in check. The use of drones and sanctions is war by other means to send a message to the world about who is in charge. Sanctions only work for a country whose currency is the world reserve currency, and use of them is an abuse of the trust the world has placed in the dollar as the world reserve currency.

We truly are living in troubled times where the government is no longer responsive to rule of the people. It has taken on a life of its own to serve the interests of an elite few who are consolidating their hold on the countries resources and an entrenched old Washington guard that has been around through several administrations urging the use of covert subterfuge and military power to achieve hegemonic ends. I see nothing on the horizon that will restore the country to the greatness it achieved in the fifties and sixties when inequality was at a minimum and people pulled together to land a man on the moon.