Monday, March 18, 2013

High Noon in America

The Republicans have demonstrated over and over again that they want to dismantle the safety net and deregulate the economy so wealth can be concentrated even more in the hands of a few. Supposedly, the Democrats stand for maintaining the safety net, regulating the economy, preserving the hard fought gains of the new deal, and reducing inequality.

Once Republicans took over the Congress in 2010, Obama's main goal was obtaining a compromise with Republicans. How did that work out? Now there has been an election where the people of the country reelected Obama, a signal that he should fight for Democratic Party principles. So what does he seek now? More compromise.

What we have here is one party that is standing by its principles, however wrong they may be, and another party whose main goal appears to be compromising with a party whose principles they disagree with. Has the Democratic approached worked? You be the judge.

There comes a time when nothing is gained by trying to be the lite version of the other party. It's time Obama and the Democrats learned this. They have to relearn the lessons that FDR taught them. They must stand on principle, call out the Republicans, and make the case for their own supposed philosophy of governing.

It's high noon in America. What we need is a showdown between the two parties, standing on the principles they espouse in their platforms, not a stand on principle by one party and an attempt at compromise by the other. May the best party win!

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